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The Dropping Some Knowledge Series: Background
This is the first part of “the dropping some knowledge” series. I’m making this because I really miss writing and sharing the knowledge I gathered through time.

I started out writing for a local magazine (Cultus Corax) in my hometown Viborg, Denmark, where I wrote about my experiences as an intersex person, but the plan was to move on to other subjects.

Unfortunently I never got the chance to move on to these other subjects, as I had to focus on my own transition and I started working on getting human rights recognised for intersex people.

I have found that writing about stuff relaxes me, so this will be a series on whatever comes to mind, but it will of course be about subjects I know something about.

But “what do you know something about” one might ask. well, i’ve studied the subjects:

psychology, social-psycology, philosophy, genetics, embryology, medical neuro-science, neuro-science, human physiology, evolution, genes and the human condition (from behavior to biotechnology), understanding research: an overview for health proffesionals, excercise physiology, clinical problem solving, Logic, public speaking and the social context of mental health and illness.
and I might start on these two courses as they seem cool:

International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague:


Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR):

All in all I think I might be able to drop some knowledge, so that is what I’ll be doing with this series. My plan is to start off with “Gender Identity” focussing on the Core Aspects of the subject as descriped in the research of the bed nucleai(my spelling might be off) of the stria terminalis(brain region) or maybe go in depth, with classification of sex in biology versus medical science.... then again I might just write about the effect of bodylanguage used in cheerleading... who can know these things 0.o

Follow the series to learn more and say your piece if you do not agree with my views.... I dare you Tunge

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Redigeret af intersexblogger on 13-01-2017 17:06
All I know, is that I know nothing - Sokrates
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