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The Tragic Story of a Fly!

Let's call the fly: Fly McFlie. Gender unknown.

It came to me one night. How is beyond me, as my windows are covered in mesh. But it had the will to come in my home and live with me.

Fly McFlie made sure i knew it was there, eager to get to know me and live with me.

From my point of view, it was just annoying, since it followed me everywhere i went. Sat on my screen to make sure i knew it was there. Followed me to the kitchen, sat there looking at what i was doing. Even went with me to the toilet and when took a bath. It did make sure not to get wet.
Somehow this very Fly, knew what was bad for it.

So after a day, i warmed up a bit to it, to see what it actually did and maybe even figure out why.

Why did it want to be close to me so badly?
Did it want to be a pet? Did it maybe think i would wanna be it's pet?

Has anyone in the history of flies actually ever figured out what make a fly tick?
Sure we know some about it's life, and what it loves. Live new warm dog shit on the street, or a stable full of more shit.

But what if there is more to a fly and it's life, that landing in others shit all the time?

So i observed Fly McFlie.
When i just sat here, i was around me, mostly on my computer screen, because i was using it i think.
And if i moved to another room, i flew with me.

But why?
It didn't really answer me or i just don't know how to speak Fly .... Does anyone?

Now there are pets that i want, and pets that i don't want. Like spiders. Don't really want them as either pets or roomies. Same goes with flies.

But maybe it is a bit like with cats. Cats choose you, and not the other way around (most of the times anyway)

So as the title says: The Tragic story of a Fly.
Yes Fly McFlie, did die. I ended it's life on the bathroom, after it got stuck out there for about a day.
I then threw it in the toilet, where it now lived with alligators, dragons and what else is down there in the great beyond.

Maybe there is more to others life than we think....

Happy Thoughts from Dare2thinK
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